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Cold Lunch Menu

​Bread choices: Sourdough, Texas Toast, Ciabatta, Wheat​ or Wrap

Let us know if you'd like your bread toasted.

​Served with potato chips.  Or homemade potato salad ($3.25)

Ham or Turkey: filled with freshly sliced turkey, mayo, your choice of lettuce, mustard and tomato.  Half  $6.75     Whole $8.75

​Homemade Chicken: filled with chicken, mayo and lettuce.   Half  $6.75   Whole $8.75

​Homemade Egg Salad: filled with egg salad, mayo and lettuce.   Half  $6.75 

Whole $8.75

​Tuna Salad: filled with homemade tuna salad, tomato and lettuce.

    - Half  $6.75   Whole $8.75

​Egg Salad: filled with homemade egg salad and lettuce.   Half  $6.75   Whole $8.75


​BLT Sandwich or Wrap: filled with crisp bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

Half  $6.75    Whole or Wrap  $8.75


​TBC  Sandwich or Wrap: filled with freshly sliced turkey, crispy lettuce and bacon topped with tomatoes, parmesan cheese and ranch dressing. $9.75

Chicken Ranch Sandwich or Wrap: filled with lettuce, tomato, chicken, ranch and cheese on a toasted Ciabatta Roll or warm Tortilla.  $8.75    Add crisp bacon +$1.00

Turkey Pesto Sandwich or Wrap: delicious sandwich loaded with your favorite ingredients including generous slices of turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pesto sauce and mayo. Yum!

  - Sandwich /Wrap  $8.75   Add crisp bacon +$1.00


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